150 lb. Cylinder Scales:

Model 2330 - Mechanical scale, + or – 1% accuracy, single or dual.

Model 2350 - Digital scale, .5% accuracy, 4-20 mA output, single or dual.

Ton Container Scales:

Models 3001-3006 - Digital, .5% accuracy, gross capacity range 5,000.

Tote Scales:

Model 4042 - Secondary spill containment scale.

Drum Scales:

Model 4020 - Low profile platform design, corrosion resistant, solid PVC base construction, optional low level alarm.

Spill Containment:

The only Company to have this patent pending design, the load cells and wiring are completely sealed in PVC enclosures in the scale base under the containment basin and out of contact with corrosive chemicals. Available with multiple base sizes and containment capacities.

Force Flow
Chemical Dilution System:

Merlin – Caustic & hypochlorite automated dilution system, gives you full accounting of your chemical feed & dilution process by tracking nine different variables such as chemical usage, feed rates and remaining quantities.  A Merlin dilution control system can pay for itself quickly in chemical cost savings alone.

Inventory Management Systems:

Easily & accurately track chemical feed rates & usages in water & wastewater plants, prevents running empty.

150 lb. Cylinder Scales:

Chlor-Scale 150, Single or dual scale, hydraulic requires no power or electronic advanced technology, optional 4-20 mA outputs and level alarms.

Ton Container Scales:

Chlor-Scale - Hydraulic requires no power or electronic advanced technology, 1 – 6 containers, heavy duty and reliable.

Volumetric Feeder Scales:

Provides loss of weight measurement for feeding dry chemical, accurate chemical consumption rates.

Drum Scales:

Low-profile platform scale, easy loading of 5 – 55 gallon drums.

Spill Containment:

The SpillSafe™ accurately monitors chemical usage data, such as how much has been fed and how much remains, along with providing total chemical containment in case of a leak or spill. The initial 11 gallons of a leak or spill are contained directly beneath the drum in the polyethylene basin and if more capacity is required, a roll out bladder deploys enabling the system to hold a total of 66 gallons.