Analyzers & Process Control
ProMinent Fluid Controls
Dulcometer D1C / D2C:


Provides precise monitoring or controlling of free and total chlorine, fluoride and chlorine dioxide for Municipal and Industrial applications.  ProMinent amperometric technology surpasses many of today's colorimetric methods by providing real time, on-line measurement without reagents or buffer solutions.

Dulco net:

The Dulocmeter Disinfection and Process Monitor/Controller technology is revolutionizing measuring, control and metering technology in public, industrial and process water systems.  The decentralized modular concept with one single central unit controls sensors and actuators for up to 16 locations.

Dulcometer Compact:

Provides precise measurement and control of pH and ORP process variables without having to purchase a separate analyzer.  Temperature compensation of pH can be added using an optional PT1000 sensor.  The Compact comes standard with pulse relay for pump control, configurable analog output and configurable power relay.

Evoqua/Wallace & Tiernan
Water Analyzers:

Depolox 5 - Reagentless, free or total chlorine, pH, fluoride, chlorine dioxide, conductivity, permanganate, ozone, suitable for disinfection applications ranging from simple measuring/monitoring tasks to complex control processes for treating potable water, process water and pool water.


SFC - Single-function controller, modular system, wall or panel mounted, can be configured as an analyzer only, with over 10 different measurement choices, a set-point or flow proportional controller or a combined analyzer/controller.

Wastewater Analyzer:

MFC - Multi-function controller, on-line continuous measurement of up to 4 key water quality parameters in one instrument, electronic module is separate from the flow-through sensors to simplify installation, enables sensors to be mounted up to 164 ft. away from the controller to meet various sampling & hydraulic conditions, configured properly you can have state-of-the-art compound loop control with automatic set point adjustment, ideal for long lag times.

Micro 2000 - Accurately measures free or total chlorine, suitable for all poor quality water applications such as wastewater & cooling water, sensitivity & speed response down to 1 part per billion.


Deox 2000 - Only analyzer that is chlor/dechlor, supports compliance with discharge permits for chlorine residuals in wastewater & cooling water processes, unique center zero sulfite residual monitoring and control prevents costly overfeed of the dechlorination chemical.


TMS561 - Continuous on-line measurement of turbidity in filtered or raw water in municipal & industrial water treatment plants and final effluent in wastewater, menu driven electronics housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure, interfaces with any control system, routine calibration is fast & inexpensive.


A-790 - Measures free, combined or total chlorine, potassium permanganate & chlorine dioxide residuals, precise measurement as low as 1 part per billion, easy to understand & operate, forward & back titrations can be done in the lab or in the field providing extreme accuracy where you need it.


Web Alert - Integrates the functions of a monitor, data logger and auto-dialer into one low cost package, it is easily customized to your application without the need for a programmer.

WIND/Web Master - Industrial water controller, free, pH, conductivity, ORP, fully integrates functions of a transmitter, PLC, data logger and auto-dialer into a rugged, industrial NEMA 4X enclosure, no proprietary software required, these unites have a history of solving many challenges.