ProMinent Fluid Controls

A pre-engineered polymer mixing system with intuitive controls - Designed as an in-line or make-down unit, the ProMix is engineered to meet liquid polymer applications utilizing diaphragm or progressive cavity pump technologies - The unique mixing regime delivers a highly activated polymer solution to every application with optimum performance - Neat liquid polymer up 95 l/hr  - Pressures to 690 kPa.


A pre-engineered polymer mixing system made for the water and wastewater markets - Designed as an in-line unit, the ProMix can be customized to meet most liquid polymer applications utilizing tubing pump technologies - The unique mixing chamber allows for complete make-down of the neat or diluted polymer to guarantee a problem-free injection - Emulsion or Dispersion polymer activation - Coagulant or Solution polymer feed.

Tomal PolyRex:
A turn-key automatic feed system for batch-wise preparation and metering of polymer solutions for powdered or liquid chemicals.  Using a step-by-step mixing system to effectively hydrate and mix the polymer to a homogenous and activated polymer solution, it provides you with the most efficient way to produce a polymer solution.