Generation Systems
Evoqua/Wallace & Tiernan
On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite:

Non-hazmat production of sodium hypochlorite, eliminates dependence on commercial chlorine suppliers and problems inherent in the transport and handling of bulk hypochlorite, particularly in remote or residential areas.


OSEC BP Series - Capacity range of 12 - 48 PPD

OSEC B Series - Capacity range of 65 PPD and up

B-Pak - Skid Mounted Unit, Capacity range of 250 - 1,500 PPD or custom layout

Chorine Dioxide:

Millennium III CUBE - Skid mounted, flexible, mobile unit with a small foot print specifically designed for small scale installations, up to 150 PPD capacity.

Millennium III C-CSW – combines a 25% sodium chlorite solution with chlorine gas under vacuum conditions to generate chlorine dioxide safely and efficiently, free-standing unit with booster pump & timer for manual control, up to 12,000 PPD capacity.