Gas Feed Equipment
Evoqua/Wallace & Tiernan
V-Notch Gas Systems:

Chlorinators, Ammoniators, Sulfonators

V10K, S10K – Wall mounted, front access of all components, capacity up to 750 PPD.

V2000 – Wall mount or cabinet floor mount, capacity to 10,000 PPD.

Vacuum Regulators:

Single or Automatic Switchover, 200, 500 3,000 & 10,000 PPD capacities.


Standard or Anti-Siphon, Fixed or Variable Throat.

Leak Detectors:

Acutec 35 - Gas detection for chlorine, ammonia or sulfur dioxide, single or multi-point systems.

Equa-Draw System:

Vacuum manifolding of multiple gas containers, balanced withdrawal rates.


Flex Lines, Auxiliary shut-off valves, Line valves, Lead gaskets, Pressure relief systems, Gas masks, Expansion chambers.