Mixers, Circulators, Aerators, De-Icers, Fountains:

Kasco Mixers/Circulators will help solve many common water problems throughout the year and greatly improve the health and vitality of your water. Eliminates thermal stratification – Increases oxygen transfer – powerful direction flow to remove trash, scum and debris – control undesirable plants such as algae. For use in reservoirs, water tanks, lakes and ponds.

Static Mixers, Fixed Variable Flow Mixers, Flow Conditioners

Westfall specializes in custom-engineering components used in pipeline systems for water treatment, wastewater treatment, petrochemical, chemical food and beverage industries.  Each product is designed to solve a problem and perform better than competitive products.

Evoqua/Wallace & Tiernan
Chemical Injection Mixer

Water Champ  -  In-Channel or In-Line  -  Instantaneous mixing and diffusion  -  Explosion proof  -  Highest quality design and construction

In-Line Static Mixers
CompaX - Patented design consists of a highly efficient mixing device with integrated dosing inlet point  -  This additive is fed into the zone withere strong turbulent flow prevails  -  Used for the in-line mixing of liquids, gases and suspensions in the turbulent flow regime.