Pulsation Dampeners:

Remove 99% of system shock, protects pipes, valve, fittings & meters, from destructive pulsations, thermal expansion & “thermal hammer”.

Gauges with Chemical Seal:

Effectively isolate process fluids from recording gauges and other instrumentation with a chemically resistant diaphragm seal.

Surge Suppressors:

Suppress hydraulic surge or “water hammer” created by quick closing valves, back surge & pump start-up and close-down.

Back Pressure / Pressure Relief Valves:

Provide with a metering pump system to prevent siphoning & eliminate varying dosage rates caused by fluctuating downstream pressure, ½” – 2” sizing, PVC, CPVC, PP, PTFE, PVDF, 316 SS, Hastelloy C.

Calibration Cylinders:

Enhance the performance of a chemical metering pump system by providing a verification of the flow rate of the chemical feed pump.

Water Quality Testing Products:

Chlorine, pH, Colorimeter, Turbidity

Sand Separators:

An in-line centrifugal action separator designed to remove sand, silt, grit, and scale available in carbon and stainless steel.